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Free Association Low Fee Psychotherapy Referral Service:

Psychoanalysis relieves suffering by helping us think through the things that we are usually too anxious or confused to think about. By confiding to another person the things we worry about, we engender a collaboration through which, together, we try to make sense of the conflicts and emotions that lie underneath our symptoms, anguish, unhappiness. By focusing our attention on the everyday problems that concern us, we gradually come to grips with our dilemma and learn to appreciate the depth and significance of what our lives are about.

Free Association offers a low-fee referral service in San Francisco with licensed therapists who are affiliated with and have been trained by us. None of the clinicians that we would refer you to are students, but highly trained and experienced practitioners who have been trained to work from a psychodynamic and existential perspective.

Face to face therapy is available at our offices in San Francisco. Arrangements may be made to conduce therapy over the phone or via Skype for those who live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Therapy is available on a sliding scale.

For referrals or more information, contact Dr. Michael Guy Thompson by visiting the CONTACT page.

2196 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

The psychotherapists to whom we refer are:

Steven Gans, PhD
Mark McKinley, PhD
Matthew Morrissey, LMFT
Michael Guy Thompson, PhD, Director
Andrew Turkington, MFT